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By Sir E. A. Wallis Budge

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My thanks are also due to Messrs. G. A. Crane, S. J. Wadlow and the Readers of the staff of Messrs. Harrison & Sons, Ltd. , for many practical suggestions which I have gladly adopted. E. A. WALLIS BUDGE. AMU LETS and TALI SMAN S CHAPTER I THE UNIVERSAL USE OF AMULETS DUE TO MAN ' S BELIEF I N THE EXISTENCE OF DEMONS AND EVIL SPIRITS IN every place in our own country and in foreign lands where excavations on the sites of ancient cities have been made, the spade of the excavator has brought to light a number of objects of various kinds and sizes which we may call generally AMULETS and TALISMANS, and regard as the works of men who were believers in MAGIC.

Xix. p. rg, §r . FETISH The word FETISH is of Portuguese origin. e. e. e. " witch­ craft . " The word was, as D R . g. , which 16 AMULETS AND TALISMANS were in use among the Roman Catholic natives on the west coast of Africa in the XVth and XVIth centuries. The natives themselves used quite other words to describe their amulets and talismans which they regarded as " Medicine," because they healed sicknesses as well as warded off evils. Thus we have " Gri-gri , " " Juju," " Wong," " Monda," " Mkissi," " Biang, " etc.

The religions of the negro peoples on the west coast of Africa and elsewhere is commonly known as FETISHISM. According to some travellers and students, the natives believe that the fetish con­ tains a god or spirit which the priest can keep there and command to do his will ; but such is not the case. This view is the result of a misconception, and is due to the teachings of the Christian missionaries who did not understand the natives' views about the fetish, or realize the fact that it only contained MEDICINE.

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