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5. There is nothing but the Standard Model with a Higgs boson below the Planck scale. The hierarchy is a mere accident. If the last possibility is not seriously being considered, all conceivable scenarios predict new physics at scales considerably below the Planck scale. , 6 Recently, extra-dimension models have been developed where the solution of the Einstein equations for the background gravitational field contains a large exponential factor, thus giving a potential explanation for the hierarchy problem in terms of the fundamental space-time geometry [28].

When constructing the effective action at higher orders, maintaining unitarity in scattering processes, one has to replace local gauge invariance by a global symmetry, BRS invariance [21]. For the physical fields, this symmetry coincides with gauge invariance. To make the gauge-fixing term BRS invariant one has to introduce additional ghost fields and a corresponding interaction term. This setup is necessary for correctly defining interactions at short distances (absorbing UV divergences), but it does not interfere with spontaneous symmetry breaking which is a long-distance phenomenon.

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